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January 2012 - Vol. LXXIV No. 5

January Tour
C & A Tool

Thursday, January 26th, 6:00 PM EST
4100 North U.S. 33, Churubusco, IN  46723

C&A Tool Engineering Inc. ( in Churubusco provides tooling, engineering, and contract manufacturing services.  C&A has turning, milling and machining, grinding, EDM, laser sintering (direct metal laser sintering DMLS), and metrology capabilities.

We’re trying to get a rough head count for this tour.  If you plan on attending, please send an e-mail to to RSVP (Click Here).  Additionally, C&A has requested background on the tour participants, engineering background (ME, EE, etc.) and where you work.  If you feel comfortable sharing this information (it’s just to get a feel for the tour participants) please include it in your RSVP.

Tour notes:  If you own safety glasses, please bring them to this tour.  There are no open toe shoes allowed on the tour.

TekVenture’s Chain Reaction Challenge

Tek Venture’s ( Chain Reaction Challenge will again be held at the Allen County Public Library.  The theme for CRC5 is “Over the Rainbow”.  The CRC is a Rube Goldberg type contraption that will pull a string to raise a golf ball 1” in height.  Each team’s CRC entry is a link and all entries are then linked together to form the final chain reaction challenge.  There are potential opportunities to assist in building a CRC link or having FWEC members build their own.  If interested please contact the FWEC and we’ll try to partner you with CRC link builders needing assistance.

NE IN Engineers Week

The Northeast Indiana Engineers’ Week is February 19th– 25th.  The FWEC along with other engineering related professional societies will be sponsoring academic awards for local/regional engineering students.  All FWEC members are encouraged to help sponsor the academic awards (donations can be mailed to FWEC treasurer or made online) as well as attend the Engineers’ Week banquet.  The banquet is Saturday, February 25th.  Banquet tickets are $25/person and should be reserved prior to February 15th.  For more information please go to the Northeast Indiana Engineers’ Week website (

Science Central 3 Rivers Festival Float

In the past the FWEC membership has supported Science Central ( in the design and build of their 3 Rivers Festival ( float.  We’re looking for interested club members to support this effort.  The 3RF theme has not yet been announced, but we’re looking for anyone who may be interested in helping.

Upcoming Tours

The FWEC is planning a tour of Ivy Tech’s new facility in February.  We’re also investigating National Serv-All’s recycling facility and another visit to the Air National Guard.

In Memorandum

The FWEC would like to remember Donald Stinson and Kenneth Kiefer.

The FWEC Newsletter
E-Mail Delivery

The FWEC newsletter is now available for e-mail delivery.  This saves the club postage and newsletter fees as well as getting the newsletter to the membership sooner.  Please add to your address list ensuring proper delivery of the newsletter.

Future Tours

The FWEC is looking for ideas for future venues.  Is your place of work somewhere that you’d like to show off?  Are you interested in a specific company in the Fort Wayne area?  Please submit all tour ideas to

FWEC 2011-2012 Board

Board Membership

The 2011-2012 FWEC Board
Membership is as follows:

  • President:  Seth Tribbett
  • Vice President:  John Magsam
  • Treasurer:  Ryan Stark
  • Secretary:  Elizabeth Garr


1st Year Board Members (2011-2014):
Jim Delaney & Jack Phlipot

2nd Year Board Members (2010-2013):
Deborah Pitzer & Ralph Snyder

3rd Year Board Members (2009-2012):
Cecil “Gene” Dominique & Dan Delaney



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