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October 2013 - Vol. LXXVI No. 2

October Tour

Reelcraft Industries
Thursday October, 24th
2842 East Business Hwy. 30, Columbia City, IN  46725

The FWEC has been invited by Ed Walter, Director of Engineering at Reelcraft Industries ( to tour their facility.  Reelcraft fabricates hose, cord and cable reels.

Tour information:  This tour will be limited to ~15 participants; please RSVP prior to Wednesday October 23rd so that we have a firm headcount.  RSVPs should be directed to:  Steel toe shoes are required, so attendees already owning a pair should wear theirs; Reelcraft has a limited number of steel toe caps (to wear over your shoes), but not enough for all tour participants.  Additionally, if tour participants already have safety glasses and ear plugs they should bring those as well (Reelcraft will have enough of these PPE items for anyone who can’t bring their own).

FWEC 2013-2014 Membership Year

The 2013-2014 FWEC membership year is upon us.  Please see below for the 2013-2014 board candidates.  Please review the address label on your mailed newsletter to determine whether or not dues are owed.  Anyone with a “13” needs to pay for the 2013-2014 membership year.  Anyone with greater than 13 is paid past the 2013-2014 membership year.  Annual membership dues are $10/year for full and associate members and $5/year for student members.  Dues can be paid through the mail by check or paid online at our FWEC website: (note:  there is an additional $1 service fee).  This is also a good opportunity to add a donation to the FWEC contributed academic award ( that is given during the Northeast Indiana Engineers’ Week celebration held in February.

2013-2014 FWEC Board

President:  MieLecia Martin
Vice President:  John Renie
Treasurer:  Ryan Stark
Secretary:  Elizabeth Garr
1st Year Board Members:  John Magsam & Rod Vargo
2nd Year Board Members:  Dan Delaney & David Momoh
3rd Year Board Members:  Jim Delaney & Jack Phlipot

September Tour History

September’s tour history has been captured by FWEC Treasurer Ryan Stark:

The club’s September Tour was the Access Fort Wayne TV Studios at the Downtown Library.  This marks the third time that the club has toured the library and I must say I come away impressed each time we tour there.  Mr. Otto Boschet was kind enough to show our group of about 28 club members and guests around.  We started in the main server/control room, and then proceeded to the room where you could check out equipment.  Yes, you can check out things like microphones and cameras from the library to run your own production (after taking their training classes).  You can also take your idea to the library and they will produce it there.  They have two studios (one was taping live as we were touring its control room).  It turns out they will tape anything there for you, help you produce it, and display it on the Internet as well as Comcast channels 55 & 57 (Access One and Two respectively) and Frontier TV channels 25 & 27.  The link to the Internet site is  We learned that the library offers volunteer training classes to teach you how to do everything from run cameras and sound boards to produce your own show.  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about professional TV production and how it works.

After seeing the TV studios, Otto took us to see the library’s new 3-D printer.  You can take them any non-copy write design and they will print it out for just $3.00.  We learned that there is a website (likely more than one) that will let you download designs for free.  Check out and have fun.
Anyone interested in more information about Access Fort Wayne can contact Otto directly at or Bob Ihrie (Public Access Coordinator) at or call the library at 421-1200
Hope to see you at the next club tour.
Ryan Stark

Welcome New FWEC Members

Welcome to new member Timothy Loos Ph.D. EE.
Please encourage your co-workers to join the FWEC; at $10/year it’s one of the best deals in town!

FWEC Board Meetings

Fort Wayne Engineers’ Club board meetings are open to all FWEC members.  The next FWEC board meeting will be Tuesday November 5th at 7:00 PM.  Board meetings are held on the Indiana Tech campus in the Zollner Engineering Center in room Z-203 (

Northeast Indiana Engineers’ Week
Academic Award Contributions

Does your company or business give back?  Would you like to see them support local engineering and engineering students?  The Northeast Indiana Engineers’ Week Committee is looking for companies that would be interested in contributing toward the Academic Awards that are presented to local engineering students during National Engineers’ Week.  If you, or your company, have interest in contributing please contact Jake Dinius at  Additional information regarding academic awards can be found:

Engineers’ News Past

The FWEC has a significant history; Treasurer Ryan Stark and his wife were able to find past Engineers News documents dating back to 1938!  Here is an excerpt of the past newsletter

Engineers’ News from July 26th, 1943:
The effectiveness of our conduct of club activities is measured by the cooperation which we receive from each individual member.  Due to the nature of the regular monthly club meeting, little business is, or can be, transacted at such meetings.  The business matters of the club are, therefore, handled at council meetings and the club activities are arranged by standing and special committees, appointed for the purpose.  Working on a committee is, therefore, and important service to the club.  May I urge, that when invited to serve on a committee, each of you consider it an opportunity for service and willingly consent.

For those not placed on committees, and obviously all members cannot be so placed, you can do your part by attending all possible meetings of the club and assisting members with suggestions or constructive criticism.  If we all work together the burden in these busy times will not be too great on a few, and the club will emerge from this trying period as a stronger, more active group with a promising future.

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