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What is the Fort Wayne Engineers’ Club? The Fort Wayne Engineers’ Club is an organization composed of a broad cross section of engineers and associates from Fort Wayne, Allen County and the surrounding area.

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Upcoming Tour

Timber Road Wind Farm and Timber Road Solar Farm


When: May 23, 2024

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Sign Up:  No sign up required


Address: 9630 State Road 49, Payne OH 45880

Tour Requirements: Anyone visiting the turbine must wear a hardhat, closed toe shoes preferably steel or composite toe, and clothing appropriate for the weather and outdoor environment. If you do not have a hard hat, loaners will be available, you may be asked to wait in your vehicle until a loaner is available.


Website: EDP Renewables

Info: The Timber Road Solar Park is located in Paulding County, northeast of the town of Payne. The solar park will complement the area’s agricultural resources. Modern wind turbine generators are sophisticated, high-tech machines designed to capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into electricity. A turbine’s blades capture the wind and rotate an internal shaft connected to a gearbox spinning a generator to produce electricity.

The tour begins with a lecture in the conference room at the office of EDP Renewables, located north of Payne, Ohio. The lecture will cover both wind turbines and the solar field located south of the office. After the lecture we will be allowed to inspect the windmill turbine blades stored behind the office building, and if we get permission, we may be allowed to visit one of the wind turbines nearby.

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